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Saluting when the National Anthem is played: i.e., "rendering the hand salute (military term)."


For most of our nation's history, the qualifications for the privilege of rendering the hand salute were very narrow. However, near the end of President George Bush's second term, this was broadened to include military veterans in civilian clothes. This means that if you are a veteran and the National Anthem is played, it is your privilege to stand at attention and salute, facing the flag if there is one.


The Obama administration apparently felt no obligation to publicize this so it's not common knowledge.


I feel that veterans should know about this so that's the purpose of this post. Also, note that I used the word "privilege," not obligation. To me, it is a privilege that I take seriously. I'm proud to be able to stand and salute the flag of our country without obligation.


So, if you're at a dog show as it's opened with the National Anthem and you see an old, white-haired guy trying to stand straight, holding a hand salute, now you know why. You might also see a small tear in his eye because of the profound love of country and what it represents.

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