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Just a little about who we are and what we're doing:

We're the Bauers, Don and Marilyn, and we got our first pet Papillon, Turner, in 1999. We both grew up in Texas, on and around farming, and always had dogs, but usually larger dogs. As we got older and away from farming, we wanted a dog but felt it needed to be a smaller breed. So, we began researching and soon decided that the Papillon had to be the one for us. We are eternally thankful that it's the breed we picked.

We've only been involved in showing dogs since the 2003 Papillon National Show in Orlando . We were living in Florida at the time, and Frieda Crane, from whom we got Turner, encouraged us to attend. We were fascinated. Frieda topped it off when she allowed us to purchase the young female she was showing. That began our addiction, and it has been a fulfilling and enjoyable hobby ever since.

We named our kennel "Pilot" because Don went directly into the Army after finishing college and became a pilot for airplanes and helicopters. After five Army years, he went into a 27-year career as an airline pilot with TWA. During the TWA years, he also owned and renovated farms and homes. After retirement and years of scuba diving, boating and golfing in Florida, he graduated to showing Papillons.

During the Army and TWA years, Marilyn raised two very successful sons and taught school, while finishing a Ph.D. in guidance and counseling. She spent 23 years as a clinical mental health counselor and finally owned a large family counseling center in Key Largo, Florida. She retired in 1996 and tried her hand at the Florida boating and golfing scene but never felt as fulfilled as when she found herself in the show ring with Papillons.

We needed more room for our Papillons, so we left Florida in 2004 and moved to Van Buren, Arkansas -- and never looked back.

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After Florida, we didn't't look forward to the winters but they are fairly moderate here. Well, some exceptions . . . Our house in January, 2010.

December, 2012. Our life is still in flux. It seems that we can't stop moving, so we have built a new home in Sallisaw, OK. (It's near a son, grandson, two great-granddaughters and a great-grandson..)

Here is a winter-time shot of it from across our pond. We're enjoying the storage barn where we keep the RV and have a nice shop. This was an early snow, December 6, 2013.


Teeter - Chieko - Sunny

During the show in Fayetteville, Arkansas in December, 2007, we had this shot made of us with the three Champions we finished in 2007. Two we bred, and one is from Queen Bless Kennels in Japan.