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What does that mean?

If you talk to dog-show people, you will hear terms bandied about that are meaningless to the uninitiated. We know. We've been there but now we can throw those mysterious terms about like experts. Here's what some mean:

  • Best In Show - A dog show starts with individual classes of the various breeds competing against each other. Males compete first and the classes are divided into age ranges and other divisions. The winners of these classes compete against each other for winners dog and winners bitch. They then compete for Best of Breed and that winner competes in Group. The winners of each group compete for Best In Show, meaning the winning dog, regardless of breed, in the entire show.
  • Best Of Breed - The best dog competing that day in it's breed.
  • Bitch - In the dog world, this is not an off-color word. It simply means a female canine.
  • Bred by - (or bred by exhibitor) This refers to a dog that is being shown by the actual person who did the breeding. The owner of that dog's dam is normally considered to be the breeder.
  • Champion - A dog (bitch or dog) that has won enough events to qualify to AKC standards as a champion. There is a formula that requires a total of 15 points to become a champion.
  • Dog - Dual-use word, as in 'Man'. Can either mean the global canine species or can mean a male canine.
  • Finish - (or Finished, Finishing) Reaching Championship, as in "I just finished Maisy."
  • Grand Champion - AKC recently added this title. Dogs that are already Champions can come back into the show ring and compete for the higher title. The have to win more points and defeat a certain number of dogs to be declared a Grand Champion.
  • Group - AKC places dogs into seven different groups, arranged according to the original purpose of the breed. The groups are: Sporting, Hounds, Working, Terriers, Toy, Non-Sporting, Herding. (Papillons are in the Toy group)
  • Group Placement - When the winners of Best of Breed compete in their group, the first through fourth winners are considered group placements. You will hear people talk about "group two," meaning second place, or "group one,' meaning the winner of that group that will go on to compete in Best in Show.
  • Handler - A person who is taking a dog into the ring to show the dog. Usually refers to a professional handler who shows dogs for clients for a fee.
  • Major - A competition within a breed that has a sufficient number of dogs of each sex to qualify for a major win. AKC sets the number of dogs required based on past histories of shows in that particular area. Papillons generally require 10 to 15 dogs to make a 3 point major and 15 to 25 for a 5 point major. At least two major wins, under different judges, are required to become a Champion in addition to the other required points.
  • Points - Given to Winners Dog and Winners Bitch in each breed. The number of points depends on the number of dogs competing that day.
  • Put Up - (As in "the judge put up my little Sissy today.") The dog that the judge picked as the winner, either of it's class, winner's dog, Best of Breed, etc.
  • Ring Steward - The person assisting the Judge in the ring by calling in the next class, having the winning ribbons ready for the judge, etc.
  • Special - (Or, specials) A dog that is already a champion that goes in to compete for Best of Breed and above. This is generally a superior quality dog.
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