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Our Papillons at Home.


Our Papillons have their own heated and air conditioned room in our house with sleeping crates and their private doggy-door out to the yard. The large crates on top are for young puppies still using the litter pans.

We don't have as many dogs as we have crates, but we're prepared . . .


This is the other side of the room where we have storage and a grooming sink.

The doggy-door to outside is to the left of this picture.


This pictures below show our back yard in Oklahoma. The shot on the left is looking toward our barn and shop where we store our RV and sometimes have handling practice. The shot on the right is looking the other direction.

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We call this picture "Not Lap Dogs." "Dog Fancy" magazine had an issue about the Papillon breed and one of the captions stated that these are not lap dogs. HUH??? That's what they were bred to do for the last 650 years! This is an unposed shot during one of our dog show trips in an earlier 5th wheel trailer.


When we have puppies, they live in our kitchen for the first two or three months to get them used to people. We made a play tower out of scrap wood and they love it.

We use vinyl "shower pan" material that we buy at Home Depot to protect the floor. It is heavy and cleans easily.

We have been using a motorhome for the last 10 years to travel to shows but have graduated back to a 5th wheel trailer. They have "Toy Haulers" now, with air conditioning, powered by a generator. The trailer has 60 gallons of gasoline to run the generator.

We have a video camera with temperature readout mounted in the toy hauler that reads out in the truck, so we can keep tabs on what's happening with the dogs.


This is a straight-back shot of the crates we have mounted. Same concept as in the house, with puppy crates above.


The trailer has an entrance door into the toy hauler garage. You can see that in the shot on the left.

On the right, is the door, opened. We have a telescoping ramp designed specifically for dogs. They come in and out on their own and they LOVE it! They have a ball out on a show trip. We replaced the screen in the door with plexiglass to help maintain temperature in the trailer.


This is the crate setup we had in the motorhome. We removed a large sofa and installed a stack of crates. There is an "Ex-Pen" play area for puppies. We put a small litter pan there and they go into the brown crates to sleep at night.There is a door cut into the crates on the sides.

The new trailer setup is much nicer with more room.


Looking back, this is a picture of our Arkansas yard, where we used to live.

This picture had some other show Papillons visiting.