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The best way we know of to house train your Papillon.

If you can be at home and with your Papillon for a few days, first, to train him to lead. Then, attach a short lead, about six feet long, to your belt with the dog in tow.

Go about your activities, computer, mail, etc. with him attached to you, but keep a close eye on him, watching any hint that he may be needing to go out. If he hasn’t gone in a couple of hours or so, take him out for a walk where you can use whatever command you want to use to signal him to go. If he does go, praise him profusely, as if he just won the Nobel Prize. In 10 days to two weeks, you will have a house trained dog.

We used this method on our first pet Papillon and then, didn't't have to concern ourselves with his potty needs. When he needed to go outside, he would come to us with an urgent whining that we could recognize. If we asked him if he “needs to go outside,” he would jump up and down as if he was saying “hurry up, I almost can’t wait,” or if he didn't’t, he would sit.

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