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Pedigree Of Pilot Ken Mar Flying A Curtiss Jenny
GCH Champion Ken Mar Cool JChampion Ken Mar Pass The Party CheckChampion Ken Mar Party On A Wave SODChampion Loteki Party Animal SODChampion Loteki Denzel A Touch Of Frost SODChampion Loteki Jack Frost CD
Champion Denzel Loteki The Magic Touch CD, DOM
Champion Loteki Paint The Town RedChampion Kvar Red Wings CDX, SOD
Emsjoy French Tarragon DOM
Champion Ken Mar Liz Claiborne DOMChampion Ken Mar Oscar De La Renta SOMChampion Luxxor Wizard
Champion Ken Mat Loteki Autumn
Champion Maximilian Ms Fashion ModelChampion Shel Lon's Red TNT Riot SOM
Champion Maximilian Betty Boops DOM
KenMar As If I'm A DivaLufra's Taylor MadeRejoyce's You've Got MailChampion Blicci's Rocazino
Rejoyce's Cute As Pie
Klein and Lufra's Fancy BuffyChampion Showtime's Repeat That Win
Champion Keanda's Just Call Me Fancy
Ken Mar Bessie in A BustleChampion Tankan's Phantom O' the Night #1 Phalene '98, '99 SwedenChampion Freetain's Pizang Amaretto
Tankan's Ginnie
Champion KenMar Popcorn A' Poppen'Champion KenMar Thundercheif
Ken Mar's Wild Heart DOM
Champion KenMar II Unchain Your HeartChampion Whitestar's I Am A MuskeeterChampion Wildway's Irrestistible IncaChampion Blackpark IrresistibleChampion Blackpark Gordon's Top Sire & Top Papillon UK 1991
Blackpark Emma
Champion Whitestar's VictoriaChampion Bonanza Toy Whitestar
Champion Bonanza's Chris Ms Whitestar DOD
Champion Whitestar's Desert GoldChampion Serna Stedt British Sterling SOMChampion Serna-Stedt Soft Shoes SOD
Champion Laserna Maybelline DOM
Champion Bonanza's Chris Ms Whitestar DODChampion Lissadell Arf N Running SOD
Champion Serna-Stedt Soft Breezes DOM
Champion KenMar II The Joy Of PepsiChampion Ken Mar You Got The Right OneChampion Chrysalis Top Brass SOMChampion Gin-Gins Zee Zee Top SOM
Champion Chrysalis Fella's Flojo DOM
Champion Ken Mar Liz Claiborne DOMChampion Ken Mar Oscar De La Renta SOM
Champion Maximilian Ms Fashion Model
Ken Mar General ChaosChampion Ken Mar Thunder ChiefChampion Chrysalis Top Brass SOM
Ken Mar Clyde Slick
Ken Mar's Wild Heart DOMChampion ShelLon Klint Country Classic
Champion KenMar Chirstmas Holly DOD
Grand Champion, CH Pilot Lockheed ElectraGCH Champion Pilot Siljans Original PrototypeGrand Champion Siljans Disney Jr JP,AM CH, AM GR CH, BIS/BISS winner, SODChampion Siljans DisneyChampion Tussalud Story Teller BISS winner, Cruft's BOB 1997, Top Stud UK 1998Champion Caswell Principality BIS winner, Crufts BOB 1989, Top Papillion UK 1988
Tussalud Classic Tale
Siljans DaniellaChampion Dourhu Distinction of Caswell
Siljans Stina
Siljans WinnieSiljans Briliant TnailirgSiljans Dogan
Siljans Tinny
Champion Siljans Winnie*Semblem Sweet William
Siljans Afelia
Champion Caprices Rally Round The HollyChampion Caprices-Fairwind-To-WhitestarChampion Wildway's Irrestistible IncaChampion Blackpark Irresistible
Champion Whitestar's Victoria
Champion Coquina's Sabrina of CapriceChampion Nilko Du Mas De La Reveliere SOM
Champion Hallmark's Savannah Rose CD
Caprices Dance In The PinesChampion Nilko Du Mas De La Reveliere SOMMisty Meadow's Play Me Game
Lotus Du Mas De La Reveliere
The Pines Cheriton PrincessChampion Sol-Orr's Jupiter
The Pines Marybelle's
Pilot N Caprice Lockheed CheyenneChampion Caprices Evening At The OasisChampion Nilko Du Mas De La Reveliere SOMMisty Meadow's Play Me GameChampion Pepejas Play-Boy
Arabeskin Aarika
Lotus Du Mas De La ReveliereGolby Des Rouennaises De Petit-Couronne
Gentille De Milepol
Champion The Pines N Caprice Magic Makr DOMChampion Camelot's White MagicChampion Riegel Lyndylore Look At Me
Trotwood White Shoulders
Champion The Pines Cameo RoseChampion The Pines Bandit Takshearts
The Pines French Toast
Majestic Joy Quite an AngelChampion Sabamores QuicksilverChampion Honey-Pots Quite EnoughAm/Fin Champion Marquis Invocation
Honey-Pots Kioto-Queen
Champion Sabamores Echo Of AngelBIS/BISS Fin/Ita/Int/Swe/Est Champion Connection Mac Memory
Champion Sabamores Angel Indeed
Champion Majestic Joy Cherished AngelChampion Majestic Joy Almost HeavenChampion Daneview Bill Bailey
Champion Ringlands Heavensent
Champion Kra-li-mar Ruby WilsongChampion Kra-li-mar L Kapone
Champion Wilsong Toxbox Syndicate
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