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Pedigree Of Pilot Ellie/Magnum babies
Champion Crown Jewel Make My DayZelicaon Royal Love Is InThe HeirChampion Crown Jewel's Diamond DazzlerChampion Caratoot's Charlemagne's Crown CD, RA, NA, NAJChampion Caratoot's Captain Courageous BISS Winner, SOMChampion Toymaker's Better Be Good BIS Winner
Champion Caratoot's Convince Chantalle
Champion Forevr a Pretty Package DOMChampion En-La's Bravissimo SOD
Champion Riegel Lyndylore Pretty Woman
Champion Caratoot's Creme De CacaoChampion Silenzio's Frank SinatraChampion Silenzio's Dancing Master
Silenzio's Simba
Champion Caratoot's Classic ConfidenceChampion Caratoot's Captain Courageous BISS Winner, SOM
Champion Caratoot's Celestial Choice
Champion Zelicaon Morning Star DOMChampion Monarch's Mighty Titus by Sandel SODSOD Sandel's Lenoardo Voncross SODChampion Jeja's Monsieur Gatt SOM
Champion Nik-Nak's Polka Dot Majic
Zelicaon SummerChampion Caratoot's Count Christopher
Champion Domino's Cocoon For Zelicaon
Champion DOM Zelicaon Mikado From Greg-Mar DOMChampion Pipistrelle PackawalupPipistrelle Man O War
Glasafon Samantha
Champion Greg-Mar Fluttering Zelicaon DOMChampion Nouveau Lord of Misrule SOD
Future For You Of Art Etoile JP
Champion Zelicaon Lonestar Belle Of The BallGCH CH Namaste Another Roadside Attraction BIS, BISS, #1 Papillon in U.S. 2007, SODChampion Queen Bless JP Royal ConnectionChampion Ringlands Disco DanChampion Ringlands Copywriter BISS winner
Champion Serenglade Sicasue PH
Champion Queen Bless JP Best MagicianChampion Magical Gordon of Art Etoile BIS Winner, SOM, Westminister & PCA AOM, #4 In U.S. 2003, #1 Finland 2000
Queen Bless You of Art Etoile JP
Champion Astrea of Green Partner JPChampion Queen Bless JP Don DariasChampion Glasafon Connor Bis & BISS winner, Top Papillon Japan 1997, Top Puppy UK 1993
Queen Bless You of Art Etoile JP
Champion Queen Bless JP Scandinavia StoryChampion Silenzio's Sir France BIS winner
Queen Bless JP Executive Star
Champion Zelicaon Princess Elena DOMChampion Denzel Loteki Crown Prince BISS, Westminster AOM 1998Champion Lightfoot's Crown RoyalChampion Loteki Denzel A Touch Of Frost SOD
Champion Lightfoot's Bella Luna DOD
Champion Denzel Loteki SnowboundChampion Denzel Loteki Spellbound SOM
Ken Mar Maximilian Dakota Lil DOM
Champion Zelicaon Up Up And Away DOMChampion L'Ete Cadaga The Sorcerer SODChampion Cadaga Civil Action 2002, 03 Westminster BOB, 2003 Crufts BOB
Champion L'Ete Cadaga Ecstasy
Champion Greg-Mar Fluttering Zelicaon DOMChampion Nouveau Lord of Misrule SOD
Future For You Of Art Etoile JP
Grand Champion, CH Pilot Lockheed ElectraGCH Champion Pilot Siljans Original PrototypeGrand Champion Siljans Disney Jr JP,AM CH, AM GR CH, BIS/BISS winner, SODChampion Siljans DisneyChampion Tussalud Story Teller BISS winner, Cruft's BOB 1997, Top Stud UK 1998Champion Caswell Principality BIS winner, Crufts BOB 1989, Top Papillion UK 1988
Tussalud Classic Tale
Siljans DaniellaChampion Dourhu Distinction of Caswell
Siljans Stina
Siljans WinnieSiljans Briliant TnailirgSiljans Dogan
Siljans Tinny
Champion Siljans Winnie*Semblem Sweet William
Siljans Afelia
Champion Caprices Rally Round The HollyChampion Caprices-Fairwind-To-WhitestarChampion Wildway's Irrestistible IncaChampion Blackpark Irresistible
Champion Whitestar's Victoria
Champion Coquina's Sabrina of CapriceChampion Nilko Du Mas De La Reveliere SOM
Champion Hallmark's Savannah Rose CD
Caprices Dance In The PinesChampion Nilko Du Mas De La Reveliere SOMMisty Meadow's Play Me Game
Lotus Du Mas De La Reveliere
The Pines Cheriton PrincessChampion Sol-Orr's Jupiter
The Pines Marybelle's
Pilot N Caprice Lockheed CheyenneChampion Caprices Evening At The OasisChampion Nilko Du Mas De La Reveliere SOMMisty Meadow's Play Me GameChampion Pepejas Play-Boy
Arabeskin Aarika
Lotus Du Mas De La ReveliereGolby Des Rouennaises De Petit-Couronne
Gentille De Milepol
Champion The Pines N Caprice Magic Makr DOMChampion Camelot's White MagicChampion Riegel Lyndylore Look At Me
Trotwood White Shoulders
Champion The Pines Cameo RoseChampion The Pines Bandit Takshearts
The Pines French Toast
Majestic Joy Quite an AngelChampion Sabamores QuicksilverChampion Honey-Pots Quite EnoughAm/Fin Champion Marquis Invocation
Honey-Pots Kioto-Queen
Champion Sabamores Echo Of AngelBIS/BISS Fin/Ita/Int/Swe/Est Champion Connection Mac Memory
Champion Sabamores Angel Indeed
Champion Majestic Joy Cherished AngelChampion Majestic Joy Almost HeavenChampion Daneview Bill Bailey
Champion Ringlands Heavensent
Champion Kra-li-mar Ruby WilsongChampion Kra-li-mar L Kapone
Champion Wilsong Toxbox Syndicate
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